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Corona virus – current situation in Thailand

We are in Thailand since 06.03. so we also have to deal with the current situation due to the spread of corona virus and the regulations according to it. In this post we want to share our personal experiences about backpacking through Thailand in these times and give you updates about the important changes in Thailand concerning immigration and travelling.

Update 30.03.2020

  • island of Phuket is completely blocked off, only accessable by plane
  • beaches, zoos and all other public facilities in Phuket close
  • Phuket airport will close in April 10th
  • travelling through the whole country becomes more and more difficult
  • fever controls at ferry ports and airports
  •  Airlines still operating to Europe: Thai Airways (till 1st April), Finnair (till 1st April), Qatar Airways, KLM

Update 24.03.2020

  • Thai government imposes exceptionel state, till thursday 26.03.20 the government wants to set rules for a curfew
  • in Bangkok most restaurants, bars and entertainment places are closed, take away food can be ordered in most restaurants anyway
  • supermarkets keep opened
  • most restaurants at Ko Samui and Khao Sok National Parc are still opened but might have to close on thursday as well

Update 23.03.2020

  • Etihad Airways suspends all flights
  • Emirates suspends all flights
  • Eurowings reduces the amount of flights by 90%
  • Airlines still operating from Thailand at the moment: Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, Finnair, Eurowings, Qatar Airways, KLM, Oman Air
  • from the 1st April probably no flights from Thailand will take place anymore

Our personal experiences

When we arrived in Thailand at BKK airport we didn’t notice anything special. The immigration process was very fast and without checking our temperature or having to fill out other documents than the immigration card. 

In Bangkok and Chiang Rai there were more local people with face masks and desinfectant was deployed in puplic buildings, hotels and metro stations. Despite of that there weren’t any differences or impacts of the virus noticable. 

The only problem we had so far is that a small guesthouse in Chiang Mai we had booked in advance canceled our booking just one day before would have arrived. But this was the only time this happened and is probably because this was just a small guesthouse and the owners were afraid of the virus because we were in a risk area the last 14 days. 

Despite of these facts we didn’t notice any bad situations according to the virus. On the contrary one “positive” effect of the virus is that there are far less tourist in the whole country and most temples are almost empty. 

From our personal experiences there is no reason not to travel to Thailand these days but travelling or staying at home is a decision everybody needs to take on his own. Notice that even if travelling through Thailand is possible your flight back home might be cancelled and the situation in Thailand can change quickly too.

Provisions by the Thai government and entry restrictions

Update 23.04.2020