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How to visit Bach Ma National Parc

In this post I’m giving you all important information for an individual visit at Bach Ma Nationalparc!

1. General Information

Bach Ma National Parc is a protected area, situated one driving hour from Hue in central Vietnam. In the past it was a holiday region for french army officers and still contains some of their former mansions. Nowadays they are a bit run-down but it is still possible to sleep there when staying overnight in the national parc. Today, the parc attracts mostly tourists with it’s beautiful, nearly untouched nature and great views. When going to Bach Ma you can look forward to wild jungle paths, adventurous hikes, beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking views.

2. How to get there

Bach Ma is situated one driving hour away from Hue. There are actually two options to get there from: by car or with an organized tour. It is necessary to have a vehicle that can drive you up the hill as it would be a 15km walk along the street up to the top. This way you could just walk up and down the hill if you hurry but then didn’t see any jungle or waterfall. If you really want to walk, you can take a public bus and need to stay overnight in one of the mansions.

by car:

It is very easy to rent a car+driver in Hue, it is possible at every hostel or hotel reception. Just go there the day before and they’ll organize a driver for the whole day for you. The big advantage of a private driver is that you are flexible in the parc and can do every trail you want to and as long as you want. The driver drives you to the entrance of each trail and awaits you at the exit of the trails. With a driver you can spend the whole day until sunset in the parc. The price we paid for a car and driver for the whole day was 50$. Especially when you are more than two, a private driver is even cheaper than an organized tour.

with an organized tour:

There are several tour agencies organizing tours from Hue to the national parc. You can book these group tours in every hotel or hostel at least on the day before. Most tours just drive there, hike the five-lakes-trail and go back again. if that is enough for you a tour is a good option. The price per person starts with 25$.

3. Hiking Trails

1) Five-Lakes-Trail

The Five-Lakes-Trail is the most popular trail of Bach Ma national parc. Most people visit this trail by organized tours but it is also easy to do the trail on your own. Along the way you pass 5 beautiful lakes with waterfalls. The trail leads through narrow paths along the lakes. Mostly they are easy to walk but it can be slippery sometimes. In some places along the way are prepared ropes to hold on, there you need to climb a bit where climbing is over the top. Sometimes the trail leads through water, which means that you need to put off your shoes and go through the river. What an adventure! But don’t worry, with a normal fitness and health level you can easily do the trail on your own. 

2) Vong Hai Viewpoint

Vong Hai Viewpoint is located on the peak of the mountain at an altitude of 1430m. You get beautiful views across the surrounding mountains up there. If the weather is good, you can even see the sea. The viewpoint is only a short way away from the mainroad and easily reachable over a flat trail.

3) Do Quyen Waterfall

Do Quien waterfall is a 300m high waterfall, situated 30 minutes from the main road near the Five-Lakes-Trail. You can catch a great view from its’ top. It is also possible to go down to see the whole waterfall. To do that you have to take 600 high steps downwards and upwards. But the great view of the waterfall is motivation enough to take these steps. Nevertheless I would not recommend this going downstairs to children and older people. 

4) Tri Sao Waterfall

Tri Sao Waterfall trail is one of the first trails you’ll reach when driving up the road. A small wooden path leads you through wild jungle to a beautiful small waterfall. This trail is obviously not as popular as the other ones as the path was overgrown with plants. We really liked that trail and would really recommend you to go there. You need approximately 2 hours to get to the waterfall and back to the road.

4. Impressions